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Maximizing 30A Vacation Rental Profits

Maximizing Vacation Rental Profits on 30A

A Success Story in Seacrest Beach, Florida

Join us on a journey along Florida’s 30A corridor, where Michael and Michelle Thurston turned their vacation rental dream into a stunning success. Their story, set in a small area of East 30A known as Seacrest, is a personal and inspiring guide to mastering the vacation rental market. As newcomers, the Thurstons partnered with Live the Gulf Coast Vacation Rentals to transform their Seacrest home into a sought-after destination.

This case study is more than a success story; it’s a relatable tale of overcoming common challenges like high management fees and the complexities of remote property management. It’s especially relevant for those eyeing the competitive 30A market.

Discover the strategies that elevated the Thurston’s property to the top of the market. Their journey, filled with innovative marketing and cost-effective management, offers practical insights for anyone looking to maximize their rental’s potential in the vibrant 30A corridor.

Let the Thurston’s story inspire and guide you in turning your property into a thriving vacation rental, just as they did along the beautiful piece of heaven that is 30A.


Finding a Cost-Effective & Comprehensive Solution

Michael’s journey to find a cost-effective and efficient management solution for his vacation rental culminated in a partnership with Live the Gulf Coast Vacation Rentals, a decision that marked a significant turning point. The 15% fee charged by Live the Gulf Coast stood in stark contrast to the inflated fees demanded by local competitors. But the real game-changer was the comprehensive market exposure strategy employed by Live the Gulf Coast that ensures your property will earn more than the competition. See Below:

Graph showing 30A Occupancy percentages comparing Live the Gulf Coast to the Top Rental Companies. LTGC consistently outperforms the competition for each month.At Live At Live the Gulf Coast, the focus extends beyond merely achieving high occupancy rates. The goal is to secure a competitive edge for homeowners, ensuring that even when the overall occupancy in the 30A area is low, properties managed by Live the Gulf Coast are rented out at top prices. This was exemplified in the case of the Thurston’s property.

Going Beyond: Targeted Google, Facebook, and Instagram Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The company’s approach involved more than just listing the property on well-known platforms like VRBO, HomeAway, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, and Flipkey. In a move that sets Live the Gulf Coast apart from many other property managers in the 30A area, they directed potential guests directly to the Thurston’s dedicated landing page using. This was accomplished through an innovative Pay-Per-Click marketing campaigns, these strategies are not commonly employed in the 30A area, thereby enhancing the property’s visibility and profitability in an increasingly competitive market.

Pay Less in Fees. Money Back in your Pocket

This strategic approach meant that instead of incurring the standard 10% booking fees from platforms like VRBO and Airbnb, which could amount to over $1,000 during peak Summer dates, Live the Gulf Coast was able to attract the same level of leads for less than $5 each. This not only resulted in substantial savings for the Thurstons but also tapped into a market segment often overlooked by other property managers in the area. The result was a more profitable venture for the Thurston’s, showcasing Live the Gulf Coast’s innovative approach to vacation rental management.


Meet the Family

Michael and Michelle Thurston

Michael and Michelle Thurston, a couple with a young son, ventured into the vacation rental market by purchasing a cozy 4-bedroom home just North of 30A in Seacrest. Their goal was simple: enjoy personal vacations while offsetting costs through rental income. The Thurston’s faced a common dilemma for long-distance property owners: finding an efficient way to manage their investment. Local property management companies on 30A presented a costly option, demanding a hefty 22% fee, not to mention additional charges for cleaning and maintenance. These firms also limited property exposure to only Airbnb and VRBO, a significant drawback in the competitive 30A vacation rental market.


The Power of Professional Marketing

As Michael became more confident in Live the Gulf Coast's expertise, the subtle details of every webpage started to pop out at him. They provided high-end, professional photography and compelling listing descriptions, significantly enhancing the home's online appeal. Michael was particularly impressed with the swift and consistent rental bookings, a stark improvement over other local offerings.

meet the team why choose us?

Efficiency is an Art

Streamlined Operations

Michael knew the financial benefits of partnering with Live the Gulf Coast were clear. With a dynamic pricing system and a more efficient marketing team, Michael found his property's profitability surpassing expectations.

Financial Success

Truly Passive Income

Michael found the ease of onboarding was another major win. As a full-time engineer, Michael appreciated the hands-off approach Live the Gulf Coast provided, from handling inquiries and payments to simplifying tax payments through an efficient dashboard system. He had heard of the terminology "passive income" before, but now he was a believer!


A Testament to Smarter Vacation Rental Management

Michael and Michelle Thurston’s experience in Seacrest is a testament to the effectiveness of choosing the right vacation rental management company. Their story highlights the importance of market exposure, professional marketing, and streamlined operations in maximizing rental income while minimizing hassle. It’s a compelling example for anyone considering entering the vacation rental market, demonstrating that with the right partnership, success is not only possible but also highly achievable. Michael’s experience confirms what we’ve been saying all along: Live the Gulf Coast makes vacation rentals easy for everyone. Even brand-new owners competing against experienced ones!

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Maximizing 30A Vacation Rental Profits

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Exceptional Management, Peace of Mind Guaranteed

"We've been working with Live the Gulf Coast for over 5 years now, and the experience has been nothing short of exceptional. Living several states away, we initially worried about the upkeep and rental process of our lakefront property on 30A. However, this team has consistently provided top-notch service, ensuring our home is well-maintained, and our guests are always happy. Their attention to detail, from marketing to handling guest relations, has resulted in increased bookings and excellent reviews!"

Above and Beyond Expectations

"We switched to this vacation rental management company after a less-than-stellar experience with another firm, and the difference is night and day. Their team goes above and beyond in every aspect. Our property has seen an increase in bookings, and the guests' feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, especially about the cleanliness and amenities. The team's proactive approach to maintenance and their quick response to any issues have been particularly impressive. We feel truly fortunate to have partnered with them."