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Us Vs Our Competitors

Everyone Else

Spend less on accommodations so you can enjoy more while on vacation

What We Do That Airbnb &
HomeAway Don't

While Airbnb and HomeAway operate listing websites which market vacation rentals to
guests all over the world, there are a few things they don't do.

Expertly craft and manage property listings

property pages
Market your listing to a targeted audience on Facebook

facebook marketing
Monitoring and adjusting booking rates to best meet demand

dynamic pricing
Dedicated team that responds immediately + Live Host Program

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5 Reasons You Shouldn't Stay in a Hotel

1. You feel like you’re a part of your surroundings

You “own” your accommodations for the duration of your stay and can decide how and when you venture into your destination city of choice. Freedom and Privacy have always been something coveted on vacation and where best to do that than someone’s home?

2. One or two grocery runs per week

Having the option to cook in the kitchen means saving $$$. This also gives you food options at your convenience: whether that means midnight snacks or it’s a holiday when stores are closed- you're all set!

3. Personal space is a huge benefit

Not only are you sharing a floor with complete strangers, but you only have one bathroom to share among all guests and no kitchen. Blood may be thicker than water, but that’s a hard sell even to the closest of kin.

4. You Feel Like Your Tip-Toeing Everywhere

Dad’s snoring, the kids are arguing, and you just stubbed your toe because you didn't want to wake the baby on the way to the bathroom with the light. Paints a pretty grim picture, right?

5. You Can't "Live Like a Local"

What if your accommodations affect more than just your sleeping arrangements? Experiencing how to “Live like a Local” can’t be found in a chain hotel lobby…no matter how good that “continental breakfast” is.